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The advertising resources below are really good and recommended
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1. FreeSafeListMailer.com

2. Global Safelist

3. TrafficG

4. Adsolutionline

5. Hit2Hit

6. EasyHits4U

7. EuropeanSafelist

8. State-of-the-art-mailer: SOTAM

9. Traffic Ad Bar

10. Herculist - Send a Mega Mail

11. ViralUrl.com - Save Your Commissions from Thieves

NOTE: If you follow the discipline of visiting these sites regularly,
building traffic credits,
You Can Drive in excess of 100,000 visitors to your website every WEEK!

Why should you pay for Website Traffic? Is it a Smart thing to do?

You will hear a lot of businesses making it good on the Internet and being highly successful.

However, there will be many more that are failures. For every one successful business enterprise there are
a hundred that have failed. So, is that because of luck? Not likely. Any success in business needs good business sense, team effort and a lot of help - especially in driving website traffic.

The entrepreneurs have to be not only eager to succeed but also show determination to learn and invest both money and hardwork.

There are literally, "No Free Lunches".

The Foundation is: Like Neo from "The Matrix", website traffic is "The One". Without sufficient traffic, all your efforts would be in vain.

Without website traffic, there are no customers and without customers, who will you sell your products to?

If you compare a brick and mortar store to the website business, online traffic is the walk in customer. The more website traffic you have the more sales you can get.

All the corner shops do not get walk in customers. Similarly, all websites will not get similar traffic or for that matter all corner shop visitors may not buy.

In much the same way, all website visitors will not buy. But the fact that you get a lot of website traffic will ensure that atleast some
of the visitors will buy, resulting in greater sales. It is as simple as that.

The question is, how do you get large enough website traffic, that will help you generate good sales, even if only small percentage of the visitors actually buy.

That will depend on the quality of website traffic that you get to your site.  In this case many people believe, wrongly, that a lot of good customers can come from free traffic websites.

Experience has shown that many so called free traffic sites actually end up giving you useless clicks that do not

result in any sales but just waste of time / effort in generating traffic credits at those sites.

Hence it is important to choose:

a. Good free traffic sites that have a record of CTR (Click thru Ratio) that is decent

b. Your own experience of conversions - especially when you use conversion tracking / link tracking software.

At the same time, the importance of paid traffic (Read - Upgrades at Free sites also) cannot be under stated.

Many traffic exchanges / safelists offer excellent website traffic, with people who are seriously looking for business opportunities / tools that you are offering.

It makes sense, then, to invest some amount of money in upgrading at select sites.

The more people come to know about your website, the better chances of your product / service being known, and hence better sales = MONEY

So, Study the above links - register free (where option is available) / join some of the premium traffic websites and Start Earning,

Remember Action = Website Traffic = Results = MONEY   - GO TO TOP (select the website traffic sources)

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