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Amongst all the things you wear, the most important thing is your attitude.

Prasad VSV, and Personality Developer has helped me develop an attitude towards life. Prasad Sir, my coach, has taught me how to deal with any obstacle that you face, convert it into a challenge and then win it. I consider him my guru and he has taught me how to believe in myself completely.

Also with the Public Speaking Skills sessions of Personality Developer, I have learned how to speak in public and be more confident and comfortable with public speaking. It has also improved my leadership skills with the various roles I have taken in the workshops.

To join Personality Developer is a great investment and to know Prasad Sir is an honour.

Harshit Devpura,
Marketing Professional, US.


 " While the one-on-one program helped me introspect and discover my positives,build on them,ascertain my negatives and neutralize them ,the public speaking skills part turned me into a more outgoing personality.
This has helped me immensely in  gaining confidence."

Amit, Pharma Co Marketing Professional,


" Had I Joined Your Program 3 years back, I would Have Headed the Bank"

An Exec. Committee Member - Large Pvt Sector Bank in India.



You have helped me in finding a new person inside me that I never knew existed.  I am now a more confident person than I was before.  I believe that I will be a better public speaker.  Not only did I improve my communication skills, I also managed to improve my time management skills.  Looking forward to being in regular touch with you.

S.M - A final year Medical Student.


It is an excellent confidence building programme. 

Attending such training modules can definitely improve one's personality.

R. N - A businessman,



" I joined this program specifically to understand my personality and take necessary steps to become an overall well rounded person and also to understand how NLP  methods can be used to achieve what I want.
The methods suggested at the end of every discussion were very useful and the follow ups whether the methods are working or not made me to be more disciplined in my approach to some of the problems.  
I wanted a personal coach to help me analyze and understand myself better and suitable suggestions to improve further, that way Mr. Prasad has been a good coach for me.  
Thank you Mr. Prasad and "Personality Developer Program".
D.K,Software Delivery Manager with one of India's TOP 3 IT companies.

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